Imtiaz Super Market || 11th Branch Opening Ceremony

Imtiaz Super Market, the pioneer of Pakistan’s Super Market trendsetters recently opened its 11th Branch in Clifton on 15th March 2019 at the CA-2 Sea Castle 2, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi. Now coming to facilitate the residents of Clifton and nearby areas, with a lot of discounted rates, amazing services, and a lot of opportunities to win exciting prizes.

Imtiaz, a venture of Mr.Hakim Khan Abbasi stepped on the ground in the year 1955. His initial step was to start a small store which contained general items of day to day use. Later Mr.Imtiaz Hussain Abbasi joined in and dreamt of making Imtiaz Super Market, a Market place which would help in making peoples lifestyle better. He had a vision, a vision of not making his business big but to serve people; a vision of not making profits but helping people save money; a vision to strive and conquer with love.
Imtiaz Super Market is a successful family-oriented Super Market in Pakistan, located majorly covering all areas of Karachi, Sindh, Paki…

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International Women’s Day: Ever thought a World without Females?

Imtiaz Super Market Pays Tribute to All the Women on International Women’s Day:
Ever thought a World without Females? “At least one campaign daring people to envision a world where women didn’t exist.”

“Feminism is not a dirty word. It does not mean you hate men. It does not mean you hate girls that have nice legs and a tan, and it does not mean you are a bitch or a dyke, it means you believe in equality.” – Kate Nash
Friday was/is International Women’s Day 8th March 2019, with organizations and brands all of the world recognizing women for their achievements. Imtiaz Super Market is also taking part in the recognition of International Women’s Day. In fact, Imtiaz Super Market branches or in Imtiaz Super Market head office we are celebrating a whole week for women.
Every year, everyone (brand or a company) is coming up with something new. Every year it’s a new hashtag trending, relating to women’s day, some new idea to display the same old message and to know that the world knows them and…


To cherish the importance of women, one day or a week isn’t sufficient. #Beboldforachange Initially, women were known to be in the home only, they were bound and forced to do the house chore work only but these days women are proving to manage both the fields and they are making a lot of name for the work they do. By the passing time/As time is passing things and era is changing, the role of women is also changing, now they are managing both the house chore along with the profession they opt.
As we talk about women who are making names, we should also talk about the women who are silenced because maybe they have committed a crime or offended their family by going against their family, or for bringing a so-called shame to a family or by hurting a men ego, and that’s why they are brutally killed in the name of honor. Let’s have a look in history and a mixture of an era we will be covering here: History: International Women’s Day began as a movement for women’s suffrage. The earliest ins…


Balochistan is the largest geographical province of Pakistan.  The inhabitants of Balochistan are called Baloch. The Balochs are known because of their rich tradition and culture aspects.

The cultural landscape of Balochistan portrays various ethnic groups. Though people speak different languages, there is a similarity in their literature, beliefs, moral order and customs. Celebrating of culture day is a sign of gladsome nations. The people who celebrate their culture are reviving around the world. Celebrating of culture day is the best mean to shield tradition, civilization, and culture. It shows one's fashion, lifestyle, emotions with their civilization and country mates.

 The 2nd of March is the Baloch culture day. Where the Baloch men wear a white long turban over their heads, various kinds of a jacket and Balochi shoes with white and long pajamas and females wear Balochi dresses handcrafted with threads with different beautiful designs. Because it is a Balochi culture dress.…


Customer contact center or a call center? As the norms of industry are changing, every simple thing is converted into a fancy one, and with all that factor even the call center has a new fancy word that is customer contact center, the only difference here is that a call center has a bad reputation, people really don’t like the name or the job here, but it is not what they think, its actually a helping hand for the people who are not aware of the things. We often read the FAQ or the conditions they have still we remain unsure of what it means, and here we need a person, a voice who would tell us guide us what the company means just a satisfaction. People here or anywhere around are so lazy that they don’t want to read or watch the video completely, they need a voice who would answer there queries quickly, for all those kinds of people we have created this customer contact center, where people can connect themselves for their queries. The enormous people would be unable to pinpoint the co…

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Who doesn’t like a gift?
Or a surprise gift? I guess everyone loves a surprise gift, like, after a tiring day in office or workplace when you reach home, there’s a surprise, a gift waiting for you in your kitchen or on the bed, or even at the top of your counter or in the fridge. It gives you a real smile, and even for a minute you feel like a queen or you feel special when you see that someone around you actually cares for you to chill you out.

I don’t feel celebrating a particular date, like 14th Feb, the world celebrates, but why only one day? Why don’t we make it every month, why only we celebrate it once a year? Or only on anniversary or birthday or ….

Have you ever tried to make the effort every month? This doesn’t seem bored, make your loved one feels special every month, although it seems pretty much like what new to try it's not something you can’t do. E.g. feeding your spouse, doing helping her in kitchen or asking her to dress up just for you, or playing a game with her,…


Normally, when there’s a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding, that we can’t stop asking from others, what are we supposed to give as a gift or how to make people feel special while giving them something worth it. Giving cash out also feel weird at times, so what next?
Gifting someone for the first time is easy but when you have to give them like every year or twice in a year, its quite complicated as options goes completely vein and in that vein, we sniffed around the fanciest, chanciest brands, and found the cheapest, nicest item from each (many of which, we should note, are not cheap-cheap — only relatively so) that would make a wonderful, indulgent gift, especially for the stumpers on your list. Sometimes, being brand-obsessed when it comes to gifts is good, but then again the choices are totally unpredictable. There is something so glamorous about opening a Chanel gift box — even when what’s inside said a box is a bar of soap.
So, for keeping everything in place, companies have …